Across Canada by C.P.R.

Pt. 1 The West

Photographs of urban and rural settings across Canada by an unknown photographer. Taken between 1923 and 1928, these photographs use a gelatin dry plate process using silver salts and transparent ink on glass.

Canadian Pacific's Princess Marguerite, B. C. Coastal Ship, about 1926

Vancouver, BC, about 1920

Crystal Gardens, Victoria BC about 1926

Hotel Vancouver, Vancouver, BC, about 1918.jpg

Mount Assiniboine, AB, about 1923

Sicamous Hotel and station, Sicamous, BC, about 1923

The Great Divide, AB-BC, about 1925

The Three Sisters, Canmore, AB, about 1923

Skyline Trail Hikers, Canadian Rockies, about 1935

Threshing wheat, Western Canada, about 1923

Bassano dam, near Calgary, AB, about 1925

Aerial view, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, about 1935

Aerial view of Edmonton, AB, about 1935

Parliament buildings, Edmonton, AB, about 1935

Parliament building, Edmonton, AB, about 1923

Threshing machine at work, AB, about 1925

Oats in stooks, AB, about 1925

Irrigating potatoes, Western Canada, about 1925

Hotel Saskatchewan, Regina, SK, 1927-28

Cutting and binding wheat, Western Canada, about 1925

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